11mm Hex Rotary Broach | 8mm Diameter Shank

11mm Hex Rotary Broach
8mm Diameter Shank

Order 11mm Hex Rotary Broach $74

Nominal Hex Size 11mm Hexagon
Shank Size 8mm Diameter
Part Number H04370A
Overall Length 1.25"
Across the Flats .4370"
Broaching Depth .650"
Standard Material M-2
Material Options PM M-4 | M-42 | PM T-15
Available Coatings TiN | TiAlN | TiCN

Hexagon Rotary BroachThis 11mm Hex Rotary Broach is ideal for manual and CNC lathes, mills and vertical machining centers. This rotary broach will cut a 11mm hexagon form into steel, plastic and aluminum at a depth of up to .650″. This 11mm hexagon rotary broach can be made from PM M-4, M-42 or PM T-15 for rotary broaching harder materials such a titanium or stainless steel. For longer tool life, TiN, TiAlN or TiCN coating can be added. Also known as a 11mm Hex Wobble Broach, it is precision ground from quality M-2 high speed steel that has been hardened to over 62 rockwell. This 11mm hex broach can be ordered with custom form depth, custom overall length, custom flat to flat dimensions, custom rake angle degree or custom flat location.

Vent Hole Technology

rotary broach holder with vent holePolygon Solution’s rotary broaching tool holder is the only broach holder to include an innovative pressure relief hole. This exclusive vent hole technology allows air and fluid to escape through the rotary broach and out through a port on the side of the tool holder. This unique design prohibits the build up of pressure and fluid during the broaching process that could cause unnecessary wear on your tooling and machinery. This 11mm hex rotary broach includes this pressure relief vent hole technology at no additional charge.

Pre-Drill & Chamfer Sizes

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11mm" Hex Rotary Broach Diagram